Composer for Multimedia

With 10 years of experience in music and more than a hundred original compositions produced in the past three years, Marc-Antoine Gagnon compose diverse range of music from orchestral to electronic. He specialize in writing for films, video games and the orchestra and recently composed the music of several episodes from the “P’Titans” series as well as two short films by William Blanchet entitled “Beast” and “Life is not a Pretty Garden”. He has collaborated with various composer like Maxime Goulet and Benoit Groulx and is currently working on video games, radio music project and arrangement for the Ensemble Geek-Estrie for thematic concerts.


Video Game Music

Marc-Antoine can create any music for adventure, battle, horror, fantasy or even puzzles games. His great understanding of workflow and his versatility makes him a good choose when it comes to competitive quality.

Croc’s World – Fan Score
The Witcher 3 – Fan Score
Reaper : Tale of a Pale Swordsman – Fan Score
Diablo 3 – Fan Score
Among the Sleep – Fan Score
Pixel Fodder – Fan Score
There’s no Hope – Original Soundtrack
Robot Rebellion – Original Soundtrack

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Film Music

Passionnate by cinematic experiences, Marc-Antoine has a great sense of story telling that fit most kind of film. His vast understanding of music repertory makes him a perfect chose for contemporary cinematic creation.

Les P’Titans Hellbound – Original Soundtrack
Spitfire Contest Trailer – Fan Score
Destiny – Fan Score
Beast – Original Soundtrack
El Toro – Original Soundtrack
For Dust – Original Soundtrack

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Classical Music

Writing for orchestra and other ensembles, Marc-Antoine has a contemporary touch of himself that makes him distinguable. His sense of harmony and textures are a reflection of extensive research in classical, jazz, popular and modern music of the classical repertory.

Moses and the Ten Plagues of Egypt – Original Composition
Far in The North – Original Composition

Zelda : Breath of The Wild (Medley) – Arrangement
Zelda : Twilight Princess (Medley) – Arrangement
Zelda : Ocarina of Time (Medley) – Arrangement
Super Mario Sunshine (Medley) – Arrangement
The Magic Land – Original Composition
Destiny – Original Composition for the movie

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