Marc-Antoine Gagnon


       With 10 years of experience in music and more than a hundred original compositions produced in the past three years, Marc-Antoine compose diverse range of music from orchestral to electronic. He specializes in writing for films, video games and recently composed the music for several episodes from the “les P’Titans” series as well as two short films by William Blanchet entitled “Beast” and “Life is not a Pretty Garden”. He is currently working on video games, radio music project and arrangement of music for the Ensemble Geek-Estrie for thematic concerts. He also assists renowned composers such as Maxime Goulet and Benoit Groulx for orchestral projects. Among other things, he has collaborated for the Symphonie du Jeu Vidéo de Montréal, a commission from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, “United Anthems“, and a commission from the Laval Symphony Orchestra, “A Bassoon Circus“. Maxime said “In everything he does, Marc-Antoine demonstrated professionalism. He is responsible, reliable, determined and talented.”

       Marc-Antoine also studied with other composer like Simon l’Espérance, Thierry Gauthier, Thierry Pilote and Robert Marcel Lepage in various fields ranging from electroacoustics to advanced mixing. During his studies, he worked on several projects, including two prototypes of original video games, “Robot Rebellion” and “There’s No Hope“, two films “El Toro” and “For Dust” as well as a work commissioned by the Wind Ensemble of Sherbrooke, “Moses and the Ten Plagues of Egypt“, which was performed on March 18th 2017 at the Centennial Theater of Sherbrooke and has been well received by the public. 

​       Holder of a college certificate in design and sound editing at the “Cégep de Drummondville”, his experiences bring him knowledge of extensive musical mixing techniques, giving him the tools to compose, record and produce his own compositions. Chairman of CCMUS “Cercle de Composition Musicale de l’Université de Sherbrooke” from 2016 to 2017, he also worked at the University as a sound engineer, research assistant and auxiliary assistant for teachers.

Music and Scholarship

       Attracted by the convergence of musical styles in movies and video games, Marc-Antoine principaly write orchestral music. His compositions results in a rich and extensive harmony giving him a signature of its own. Without abandoning its jazz and folk backgrounds gained in his younger years, his works reflect an effort of synthesis between electronic music and orchestral music with a fine tone and details to his musical plans. In search of new sounds, he alternates between the synthetic sounds of virtual instruments and concrete records sounds.

       Marc-Antoine has recently earned an undergraduate degree in composition and music for multimedia at the “Université de Sherbrooke” with a mention of excellence (2017). He also holds a certificate in creation and sound editing (2014) and a diploma of college studies at the “Cégep de Drummondville” in professional techniques of music and song (2013). Marc-Antoine is pursuing a graduate training in composition (DESS) and wish to work in the area of ​​music for films and video games in the next years.

Achievements and Commitments

– Participation in Ubisoft university competition on two video game projects – 2018
– Commission of film music in collaboration with director Philip Attick – 2018
– Commission of 20 minutes of music for the “Ensemble Geek-Estrie” – 2018
– Composition for “Les P’Titans” series – 2018
– One of the winners of the choral composition competition at the Université de Sherbrooke – 2017
– Judge’s assistant of music at the “Montreal Independent Games Festival” – 2017
– Commission of 6 minutes of music by the “Ensemble Geek-Estrie” for arrangement and composition – 2017
– Commission of music by Productions Nolad – 2017
– Composition for the movie “Life is not a pretty garden” – 2017
– Composition for the movie “Beast” – 2017
– Copyist for the event “Symphonie du Jeu Vidéo de Montréal– 2017
– Composition for the cinematic movie “El Toro– 2017
– Composition & Sound Design for the video game “Robot Rebellion– 2017
– Composition & Sound Design for the video game “There’s no Hope– 2017
– Creation of “Moses and the Ten Plagues of Egypt– 2017
– Assistant of the composer Maxime Goulet on commissioned by the Symphonic Orchestra of Laval and Toronto – 2016, 2017
– Composition for the event “Cabaret Macabre” – 2016
– Composition for the cinematic movie “For Dust– 2016
– Transcription of musical scores for Ph. D. Jacinthe Harbec as part of her book – 2015 to 2017
– Chairman of the CCMUS “Cercle de Composition Musicale de l’Université de Sherbrooke” – 2016 to 2017
– Sound Engineer at the “Université de Sherbrooke” – 2015 to 2017